Relax at the Molfar Forum

No, really. Not all the time to learn

Catch extreme

For all outdoor enthusiasts, we open bike trails, quad tours, rope-jumping towers and trolley crossings

Relax at the VODA club

All-season pools, saunas, jacuzzi and SPA will help to get rid of accumulated stress

The masseurs have prepared 10 types of massage for you, including classic and stone massage


Taste the various cuisines

On the territory of the Forum there are restaurants of Hutsul, Italian and, of course, Ukrainian cuisine. As well as steak houses and lounge bars

Pumpkin soup
Scrambled eggs
Meat soup

Conquer the top

On the territory of the Forum will work two lifts from which amazing views open

Have fun at parties

You will find a "Hutsul party" in honor of the opening, which will take place on the top of a mountain with a food court of Hutsul dishes and DJ-s

And for the finale, in honor of the closing of the Forum, a party with a “Tsvit Kulbaby” cover band and a buffet table